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My Ecochallenge 2012

My Ecochallenge 2012 Info
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Waste Reduction
My Ecochallenge: 

During Earth Week 2012, I will:

* Bring my own reusable mug every time I buy coffee/tea on the go
* Watch the STORY OF STUFF
* Reduce paper by arranging for e-billing and statements instead of mailed paper copies.
* Bring my own bags every time I shop
* Avoid bottled water/juices/liquids and instead use a reusable mug or thermos
* Start a compost to reduce the amount of trash my household produces
* Think and buy second-hand - books, clothes, furniture, and more are easy items to find
* Clean out my home of unused appliances, items, clothes and donate them
* Use only natural or organic cleaning products or try making my own
* Reuse paper use by printing on both sides
* Reduce the amount of unwanted mail I receive (stop unwanted catologs, stop junk mail)

My Ecochallenge 2011

My Ecochallenge 2011 Info
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Orbis Cascade Alliance
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Waste Reduction
My Ecochallenge: 

Waste Reduction. 

Why I'm participating in the Ecochallenge: 


I have been working over the past several years at getting each area [those highlighted on the Ecochallenge] under more realistic control.  As a former farmer's daughter, I know first hand how to "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without" which is one of the mantras by which we were raised.  Having gotten away from that as a 'city girl' it is necessary to get back to basics.  None of us, including me, need all the 'stuff' we gather.  

As an aside, have you reviewed the studies correlating clutter with weight challenges?  Perhaps America would be a much thinner nation if we were to get away from the manic consumerism in which we engage.